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Make page stick to the bottom of the page tree

Michael van Laar

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AdminOnSteroids has a nice feature to make pages stick to the top of the page tree.

Is there an easy way to do the opposite—make a page stick to the bottom of the page tree?

What I’d like to use it for: Usually I have a test page in my PW setup. This is handy because the main content of a page is often created using a Repeater Matrix field. If I add a new type to this field, I can test it on the test page (which usually uses the basic page template). In the page tree, I usually position this test page as the last page before the 404 page. 404 page, the admin section and trash are always at the bottom of the fist level of the page tree. I’d like to see my test page work the same: It should be positioned before the 404 page. And when I add a new page directly under home (with the first level of the page tree being manually sortable), I’d like the new page to be inserted just before my test page instead of just before the 404 page.

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