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After reading through all documentation and seeing some vidoes I just started using ProcessWire.

I have tried lots of other cms's but never find this combination of ease of use and possibilities.

I had now problem getting a first testsite working (using Artisteer for a design). I just used the example site that comes with the download and added new header and footer templates plus a new page template to try.

But one thing is different in my just created site:

Where on the already available pages there is an Edit button in the lefttop corner showing just "EDIT", on my new page it's showing "EDIT (PROCESSWIRE/PAGE/EDIT/?ID=1006)".

The link is working fine, so that's no problem.

In my new footer template I just copied the Edit link as it was available in the footer.inc file.

How can I change that.



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Hey, welcome to the forum!

If you just copied the code, I can't think of any reason why PHP would be outputing that... could it be the javascript generated by Artisteer doing it? Although it's a shot in the dark, can you test the site with javascript disabled?

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Hello there,

You wouldn't happen to have this page online, so we could see it in action?

If you're sure that you haven't changed edit link markup in your template, most logical option I can think of would be that link href is added beside that particular link with CSS. This is quite common in print stylesheets, but why it would be used here beats me.

Anyway, this should be pretty easy to find out; just look for something along these lines in your stylesheet file:

a:after { content:" (" attr(href) ") "; }

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Thanks for the replies. It had indeed to do with css.

I use the Blueprint css for templates (generated by Boks AIR) and found out that certain print style rules interfered with PW main.css.

Step by step I´m learning.

When I´m a little bit further I will show some results.

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