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Redirect broken image / file urls to their pages

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Let's say that you have an image called myimage.jpg and it's accessible via http://localhost/mysite/site/assets/files/1020/myimage.jpg. If you rename or delete that image and users keep visiting that link they will obviously view a 404 error page.

Instead of displaying the 404 error page you can redirect them to the file's belonging page by adding the below code on top of your 404.php template:

$pattern = "@site/assets/files/(\d+)/@";

if (preg_match($pattern, $url, $pageid)) {
  $fp = $pages->get($pageid[1]); // get the page id from the file path
  if($fp instanceof RepeaterPage) $fp = $fp->getForPage(); // if the file is inside repeater item get the page where the repeater belongs
  if($fp->viewable()) $session->redirect($fp->url, false); // redirect only if the page is viewable
  // false = 302 temporary redirect - true = 301 permanent redirect


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