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Counting Number of Pages using a specific Page Reference


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Hello All,

I'am struggling a bit (or maybe approaching this wrong). I've creating a simple events section which has a number of categories setup as pages. I've used a multiple Page Reference in the individual events to selects which categories the event may fall under

I'am in the process of setting up sidebar which lists all the categories which is fine. Now i would like to have the number of events in brackets at the end. However I cant seem to check the page reference for the category page ID, Ive used the following code :-


$cat = $pages->find("template=event_cat, sort=title, include=hidden");    
foreach ($cat as $cats) {
	$count = $pages->count("template=event, event_cat*={$cats->id},");
	echo "<li class='uk-active'><a href='{$cats->url}'>{$cats->title} ({$count}) </a></li>";

Is it something to do with using the ID with *=



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