Weekly update (Nov 23, 2018)

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Hi @bernhard,

I appreciate and understand all your comments, but I feel like you are missing the point.

There are two concepts/workflows at play, and whilst they aren't mutually exclusive they do serve different purposes.

Migrations = manually migrate config and content changes by writing php using the API

JSON Export/Import = automagically migrate config (not content!!!) changes you have made in the admin panel

Both have pros and cons and in some situations one or the other may not even be viable, therefore the choice is important. I personally wish you could export field definitions as php (like you can with ACF), which is sort of a middle-ground between both these options.

To be clear, my feature request was just about updating current core Import/Export to (optionally) enable a more seamless workflow like the below screencast. In it I migrate a new field defined in the admin from one wordpress installation to another in seconds.

You cannot do this with Migrations, and with version control and the right logic for syncing this is a completely viable way to migrate config. I am not suggesting this should be the canonical way to migrate config, just one option that sits alongside something like Migrations.


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Thanks for making this video. This is what I was talking about too as a middle-ground solution perhaps the best of both worlds. It only migrates the config. However, it is troublesome when you need to migrate content or other settings too. Or when someone forgets to sync, makes a change which is further in the future and commits this to git.

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