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Headless PW (i.e. REST/GraphQL)


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I recently started working at a new agency where I'll be developing mostly back-end projects. One of my colleagues has introduced me to GraphQL. We're currently using Wordpress in combination with ACF but as I was google-ing I stumbled upon a post in which I saw a GraphQL module for PW, awesome!

I think the agency wants to start moving towards a workflow in which we will use a CMS "headless". We build up pages using flexible content (or "Repeater Matrix") and I was wondering if anyone has any experience in using the pro matrix in combination with either graphql or rest api. Ultimately we would be looking to implement GraphQL as it's so fast and dynamic.


Looking forward to hearing from your experiences 🙂

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Hey, @jrtderonde! If you have some money to spend, maybe you could approach @dadish and hire him to modify his GraphQL for ProcessWire module to handle Repeaters and Repeater Matrix fields? If you decide to make it open source, this would be an amazing contribution to the community.

I also tend to use the RepeaterMatrix as a flexible content builder 😀.

Suggesting this because you talking about agency and long term plans.

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While it is not an 'out of the box' solution, it is perfectly possible to for instance to use the RestAPI module to parse any bit of content, such as (items from a) repeater matrix.
Just like when you would write your regular template logic, it does require some custom programming on your end though: you will have to go through the matrix' items and decide how they should be presented through your API.

Which is exactly the flexibility which makes PW our go-to solution for pretty much any modern (headless) webapp or old-school site! 🙂 

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