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German (de_DE)

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But also if someone provides updated translations or improvements here I will likely integrate them as soon as I have the time.

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How does everybody feel about creating a separate language pack for official and/or popular modules which would usually be in the site folder? I just noticed the Norwegian language pack making that switch.

Especially for the Pro modules (Lister, FormBuilder) it would be nice to have a drop-in solution. And if you don't need them, just install the core language pack and everything stays the same. As far as I can tell, the current de-DE language pack doesn't include module translations, right?

I'd be willing to create a repo and get things rolling.

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I've gone ahead and created a separate repo for third-party and Pro modules. Looking forward to having forum users test these and contribute with their own translations.


While the list of modules to include is obviously subjective, I've started with the ones my non-technical clients tend to use on their own (in alphabetical order):

  • Dashboard
  • Jumplinks
  • PageListerPro
  • PageLister Actions
    • Delete
    • Email
    • Set field
    • Set status
  • ProcessWire Upgrade
  • ProFields
    • Table
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