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Nevermind. "show system templates" is not an option on the menu breakout, but available when actually choosing "templates"


This might belong here since I'm new to processwire, but as far as adding fields in the profile form (or fields used in the module in general, it states:

" If you do not see all the fields you need, add them to the “user” template first and then come back here. Only standard fields may be used on the front-end (no files, repeaters, richtext, multi-value, combined fields, etc.). "

I'm not sure what the "user" template is. I do have a template associated with the page that this module is connected with. I have added additional fields to that template, but I do not see them in the dropdown when trying to add them.

Furthermore it states:

" By default, the email and password fields are required for both forms. You may want to add more fields. To do this, you’ll need to add fields to your “user” template. You can add fields to your user template in the admin by going to “Setup > Templates > Show system templates > user”. "

There is no "show system templates".

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Users in PW are also pages, so they also have a template. As that is a system template, it is normally not shown in the list of templates. However, if you go to "setup" -> "templates", there is an option when you expand the filters where you can check "Show system templates". Once you do that, you will see a new section labeled "System" with a template named "user". That is where you need to add these additional fields.

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