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Bug involving image crop, front editor and repeater


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Found a bug which involves a certain scenario.

My version is 3.0.98, therefore I am not sure if it has been fixed in later versions or should I raise an issue.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Do a clean install of Processwire 3.0.98.

2. Install PageFrontEdit module.

3. Add repeater field and add an image field inside of it. Assign it to any template (I picked "home")

4. Create a page and add a button to open an edit modal dialog

echo '<edit field="' . $page->fields->implode(',', 'name') . '" page="' . $page->id . '">';
echo '<a>edit</a>';
echo '</edit>';

5. Open modal dialog on the front-end and upload an image to repeater. Save changes.

6. Open the dialog again and crop the image. Click "Apply" and "Save and replace".

Expected behaviour:

The form and the image field are updated with the new cropped image preview.

Actual behaviour:

Nothing is updated and old image preview stays. Through web developer tools and "network" tab I got a json error

{"error":true,"message":"Field 'headline' is not applicable to this page"}

The bug does not happen when editing the same page in admin as well as for "image" fields which are not inside a repeater.


Has this been raised or fixed already? Or is this something you are unaware of?

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