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How to enable special characters in URL


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I have an old site that I am migrating to PW manually. The old links contained special characters like '(' and ',' in the URL, and I would like to preserve the URLs if possible. However, PW seems to only allow certain characters in the URL, excluding the ones above. I've taken a look at .htaccess and rule 16a seems to exclude them, and I get a not found error (not even a 404 page). How do I include these characters without breaking anything? I could just edit the mentioned rule 16a, but I am not sure if that's safe for whatever reason. Provided they can be include here, I can translate them with jumplinks without too much hassle. So, the question is, is it safe and is it upgrade proof?

I posted a similar question in another thread (jumplinks), but this seems like a better place to do so.

Help is greatly appreciated!

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Thanks @Zeka, I have modified the .htaccess and it seems to work. Note for future readers: parenthesis have to be escaped like '\(' to work with jumplinks.

I take it this method is safe then - at worst it will lead to a 404.

Does .htaccess survive upgrades though?

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