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Did I already say that I love PW? ?

I had to write an offer today and I wanted to link to a portfolio website that I've built, but the link was too long for the PDF. Then I wanted to use one of the url shortening services, but it felt wrong to put a link like bit.ly/409weifsd on my offer.

I then just enabled UrlSegments on my website's home.php template, added a repeater with fields "title" and "link" and put 5 lines of code to get my very own custom short-links:

$shorturl = $sanitizer->text($input->urlSegment(1));
if($shorturl) {
  $link = @$page->shorturls->findOne("title=$shorturl")->link;
  if(!$link) throw new Wire404Exception();


If you want to try it out: https://www.baumrock.com/pw-demo


Any suggestions for improvements are welcome ? 

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