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format number in admin

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Hello and thank you for the great job that all of you do every day on this great project!!!


I have a little question:

is possible to format the field float or decimal in this way: from 1000000.56 to 1.000.000,56 in repeater and repeater matrix?


Thank you very much




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Just for display in the repeater label? That can be done with a little hook in site/ready.php:

wire()->addHookAfter('InputfieldRepeater::renderRepeaterLabel', function (HookEvent $e) {
	$label = $e->return;
	$page = $e->arguments('page');
	$label = preg_replace_callback('/\\[([a-zA-Z0-9_]+)\\]/', function($match) use($page) {
		return number_format($page->{$match[1]}, 2, ',', '.');
	}, $label);
	$e->return = $label;

This looks for a field name between square brackets (something like "[price]" in "#n: {title} - {item} - [price]") in the label and replaces it with the formatted value of that field.

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