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Selectors in combined / merged arrays


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Hi there,

I need a little help of the community as I'm walking a bit in the dark at the moment...???

I have the following code and need to add some selectors to the merged array:

$termine_1 = $page->children("standort_reference~=$standort");
$termine_2 = $page->children("standort_alle=1");
$termine = $termine_1->and($termine_2);

I would like to add the following selectors to merged array $termine:

("sort=date, limit=10, date>=today")

How can I achive this? ??

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12 hours ago, elabx said:


I wonder also if this could also work, I could bet it does:

$termine->filter("date>=today, sort=date, limit=10");

Keep in mind filter method is destructive.

Thank you @elabx for your help, but unfortunately that didn't worked.

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11 hours ago, Robin S said:

@Bacelo, you can do all of that more efficiently in a single selector string:

$termine = $page->children("(standort_reference~=$standort), (standort_alle=1), sort=date, limit=10, date>=today");


@Robin S you made my day ?! That works like a charm!!!??

I tried to combine that somehow, but didn't find the right way... (and also didn't find the right selectors ? as mentioned in your posted link). I thought, that this could be combined, but so I tried to go the other way as posted in my question.

Perfect - many thanks for your help - learned again something new ??

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