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Just took a good reading on programming...


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I see the same going on with imaging tools for backing up a whole partition on your computer. I tried Norton, Acronis, Paragon, etc. They are nothing but Corporate Bloat. And then there is this german programmer who made drive snapshot. I won't put any link here. I am not affiliated you can look it up your self with google.  It's only 409 kbyte. Yes, thats right only 409 kbyte. You can install it, or use it portable or start it from a bootable iso. It blows away all the Corporate Bloat. So in addition to mr-fan's post, what I mean is it can be done, but somehow they won't.

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Great read!

A bit off topic (hey, this is the pub) but this is part of the reason why I love reading about old-school software development, and game development in particular. You know, when folks had to figure out how to run complex software while dealing with various limitations – such as being limited to something between 32 and 64 KB of memory in total.

Good times.

For the record, there are some awesome videos about old school development and hardware at YouTube by user The 8-Bit Guy. Not only does he clearly know his "old-school" computers inside out, he has also released amazingly polished new games for old hardware ?

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Hey @teppo,

the user 8-bit-guy is one of my sons favourites.  My 12 years old son loves to work and hack retro hardware, like commodore 64 and a whole bunch of gaming handhelds or consoles, (besides others). Every third or second time, when he get something to work, and I ask him how he got it to work, he answers: "I found some useful information from the 8-bit-guy." ?

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A friend wrote his own OS from scratch back 15 years ago. He was way ahead of competition and was telling the same things about how bloated and inefficient softwar3 and specially os's are.

He's dad run a software company he also worked in but only got doubted and ignored somehow. He kept at it for almost 7 years until he proved everybody wrong. He could do things even seniored software guys got blown away. He's system was so small and efficient and only was about a couple Mb in size that would extract to some gb of data (ofc the apps) . He could install a whole computer network with 50 laptops in about 1m and boot them up all at the same time im 5s from his laptop. He was into clustering and had big things in mind.

He's system they used for a central payment system that did run for +3 years without one single restart or outtage or problem. They were so impressed that they ordered more. Sadly he got fired by his own dad because of he work philosophie and had his problems.

Unfortunately he died of cancer 11 years ago. His work kinda lost. Makes me sad and not a single day pass by without thinking of him. Yet 10 years later sadly nothing has changed in the industry. 

I'm so happy there's still people around who care.

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1 hour ago, Soma said:

He's system was so small and efficient and only was about a couple Mb in size that would extract to some gb of data (ofc the apps) .

Reminds me of MorphOS: http://www.morphos.de/ which is still a 250MG disk image full of all sorts of GUI apps we are used to today and runs quite fast on a G4 PPC processor (more info: http://www.morphos.de/hardware). Last year I installed the demo of MorphOS on my G4 PPC and I really liked what I saw. I want to buy a silent power supply for he G4 so that its noise drops to a level where using it becomes enjoyable. I plan doing it next year, together with my son, just for fun. After all, he wants to become a programmer, so he needs be aware of efficient pieces of software out there.

BTW, the author mentioned how shoddy browser based apps can be. Talented and dedicated programmers can do a lot better than that, of course, a very good example is: https://editor.construct.net/ 

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