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Automatic Translation on Frontend?


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Hi all,

This is my first foray into a multi lingual PW site, what i'm unsre about is whether the frontend output is translated automatically or do I have to provide the content in another language also?

As it stands I have installed the following modules:


And have created and uploaded the Chinese language pack.


At this point I can successfully change my profile and the backend successfully displays in Chinese.

However I am confused about how I now get that translation to work on the frontend?

I have setup the alternative url for the page I wish to view in Chinese


So as a basic test I tried adding the following into the template used for the page above.


However both urls still display the message in English?

I take it I have missed something, do I then need to enter the frontend output in Chinese in another field within the backend to enable Chinese url to output the content?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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I haven't done translation myself, but from what I believe to be true is you install multi language fields from the Core and manually translate. I think the translation file you uploaded is for translating the CMS backend. I could be completely wrong, but from the multi language website's I have seen they have used the multi language input fields which you can find in the core. 

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Hi @cosmicsafari,

your example is a string translation, which you can use for static texts. Those static texts are ussualy short texts inside your templates which don‘t change that often.

What you are looking for are multi-language fields, which are editable on the pages in the back-end. Just convert a existing field to a language field or add a new language field. If such a language field is translated, you will see the translation in the front-end. 😉

Regards, Andreas

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