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Duplicate repeater sort order after save


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I have a strange problem with repeaters, the markup for sort order is rendered correctly, as is the repeater list and markup:


<input id="sort_repeater73338" class="InputfieldRepeaterSort" name="sort_repeater73338" value="0" type="hidden">
<input id="sort_repeater73322" class="InputfieldRepeaterSort" name="sort_repeater73322" value="1" type="hidden">

After saving, there is no change in the sort order in the DB.

Every repeater with the same parent has the same sort order, no matter what. This happens at the time of created via the API, I am explicitly setting the sort order here:

$rep = $p->draw_nomination_repeater->getNew();
$rep->page_link = $array['id'];
$rep->sort = $x++;





Could the sort change not be detected when creating multiple repeaters via the API?

if($page->isChanged('sort')) {
  // $this->message("Sort changed for field {$this->field} page {$page->id}", Notice::debug); 
  $sortChanged = true;


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First thing would be to use Tracy to check what the value of $x is when you create your repeater pages. Your post doesn't show where this variable is declared - maybe it is being reset within your loop or isn't incrementing as expected for some other reason.

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