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How to 'group by' a field in processwire?


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Hai ,

  <select name="eventstart" id="eventstart">

        <option value=""><?php echo $lang['select_event_start']; ?></option>

        foreach( $events_pages->events->find($filter.",  sort=event_start") as $event) {?>

           <option value="<?php echo $event->event_start;?>"><?php echo $event->event_start;?></option>        

        <?php } ?>        


It results:


But , i need result without repeated dates.how to 'groupby' event_start field in processwire ?could you please sugguest me
Thank you

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You could probably use unique(): http://cheatsheet.processwire.com/pagearray-wirearray/getting-items/a-unique/

Either way, I would avoid doing a find() in every foreach - that's inefficient. Define a variable for the results before your foreach.

$results = $events_pages->events->find($filter.",  sort=event_start");
$unique = $results->unique();
foreach($unique as $e) // etc.


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There's no group by feature in PW. WireArray->unique() doesn't work for this purpose.

Using the API you could Just build an array using WireArray->explode() and use array_unique(). Depending how large the result set is you could cache the array so it only builds the array when it expires or based on a selector.

$uniquedates = $cache->get("uniquedates", "template=basic-page", function(){
	return array_unique(wire("pages")->find("template=basic-page, sort=date")->explode("date"));


 If the amount of entries is very large and it would take several seconds to build the array, it could make sense to use something like direct SQL query.

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Maybe below code can help for simple group by date for example  :

$list = $pages->find("template=event");  
$groups = array();  
foreach ($list as $item) {  
	$groups["$item->date"][] = $item->id; 

foreach($groups as $key => $gr){         
	echo $key."<br>";


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