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CKEditor does not save html code anymore


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on my local machine I had some html in Source and it worked perfectly. 

I used the Export Profile Module and so Processwire is now on my server. I have access to it and it's all good. 

The page was displayed like on the local machine. 

But on the server I tryed to test the CKEditor like normal. But suddenly all the html code is gone in CKEditor>Source. But the website is displayed WITH the html which is weired.

Local: CKEditor>Source> html is there

Server: CKEditor>Source>html gone and does not accept any html. (and if I save new all the html on the website is gone)

So the CKEditor on the server does not accept any html code. I try to save it and it does not save it.


What is going on?

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I used the profile-export-module and when I accessed the website via server everything looked the same like on the dev system. But when I checked the source in CKEditor I noticed that all the code was gone. But all styles where displayed in the browser. I then saved the CKEditor (prod) of one page where I use styles in source. And then all styles where gone. The configurations where the same like on both systems. On the prod-system I switched Use ACF to No and suddenly the code in the prod-System CKEditor was saved.

Where do I need to switch the brackets to parentheses?


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21 hours ago, Marcel said:

Where do I need to switch the brackets to parentheses?

I was referring to your last screenshot of Extra Allowed Content: img(*) instead of img[*]

I have not used the site profile export feature for years, so I do not have recent experience. Maybe others use it more often than me.

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