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Deactivate Language Redirect Temporary

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Hi everyone!

On my multilanguage website - let's say English and French - I would like to have a page "Downloads" where files (PDFs) are listed. Most files are available in both languages and I would like to link the English version as well as the French version of the PDF.

To setup the Download pages I followed @Soma's tutorial using language alternate fields for the PDFs and managed to display both version of the PDF with the correct language-specific URL

foreach($allLanguages as $language) {
	$html .= "<a href='{$item->getLanguageValue($language->id, 'url')}' target='_blank'>";
	$html .= "<span class='small'>{$language->title}</span>";
	$html .= "</a>";

BUT visiting the english website and opening the french PDF will bring me automatically to the english version of the PDF. I guess that this is due to the language redirect ($selectedLangCode = $_COOKIE["lang"];) which is included via prepend.inc and redirect.inc

So my question is: How can I temporary deactivate the language redirect?

Thank you in advance for your help!

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I guess you have to prevent the redirect for your download template? So don't redirect if template is xy I guess? Or not include it in the first place?

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