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Page missing from the page Tree after pagination.


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My page tree looks like this default Page List pagination set at 50 (Artist Name # used instead of actual names for this example):

                    Artist Name 1
                    Artist Name 2
                    Artist Name 3
                    Artist Name 4
                    Artist Name 5
                    Artist Name 6
                    Artist Name 7
                    Artist Name 8
                    Artist Name 9
                    Artist Name 10


                    Artist Name 47
                    Artist Name 48
                    Artist Name 49
                    Artist Name 50

When I hit [MORE], or go to Page 2, it simply duplicates Artist Name 50 instead of showing the next Artist Name 51

I am using, Uikit Theme but this occurs on all the other themes as well.

Even changing up the page tree layout settings within themes brings about this issue.

Also, if you edit the 'Art' page (ie the parent page) and see all the Children pages, the issue still occurs.

The only way I could find the page Artist Name 51 to edit it was to use the search function, and the page is working (shows up on the live site), the URL is correct, and I can echo out content from the page fields if I add content to page.

Version ProcessWire 3.0.110 
Installed 3 days ago, started site over when I had module issues, I believe it was an issue experienced prior to re-installing Processwire but wrote it off as a quirk, thought page Artist Name 50 showed it twice for reference but didn't think it was in place the missing Artist Name 51 page.

I changed the limit to 100 before pagination, which is sufficient for my case, for now at least.

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