PW 3.0.109 – 2-factor auth ready

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Thanks for the new updates @ryan!

Do you think for the next week or two the focus could be on bringing the Selectors documentation up to date? This is a really important part of the documentation, especially for new users. New API methods get added to the API documentation automatically which is great, but that doesn't happen for new selector features because the documentation for Selectors isn't derived from code comments in the core.

I went back through previous blog posts and compiled a list of things that it would be nice to have covered in the Selectors docs.

has_parent now supports multiple values:

The ~= operator now supports words with fewer than 4 characters:

Nested sub-selectors are now supported:

It is now possible to sort by custom fields of a parent page:

New selector array syntax:
It would be good to explain about the verbose option for selector arrays too and what circumstances that is needed in.
And perhaps some mention of using the Selectors class to merge different types of selector together: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/16651-merge-selectors/?do=findComment&comment=146890

Multiple dot selectors:

Negative start and limit, and matching by index:

Use Fieldtype in selectors:

Owner selectors:

Use field tags in selectors:

If anyone knows any other new selector features not included in the Selectors documentation maybe they could post a reminder about them here?


Another thing it would be good to cover in the Selectors docs are the differences between what is supported in a PageFinder selector and what is supported in an in-memory selector. I mentioned a few differences that I know about in a comment here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/18343-selector-filter-for-multiple-dates/?do=findComment&comment=160451
And perhaps there is a way to bring support for some of those things to in-memory selectors to reduce the differences between the two types of selector? 

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7 hours ago, Robin S said:

The ~= operator now supports words with fewer than 4 characters

Totally missed this one.

7 hours ago, Robin S said:

Owner selectors

And this one.

Thanks for wrapping this up!

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Just tried out 2-factor auth for the first time - works like a charm! (both with email and with Google Authenticator).

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It would be great if the forms had focus. That speeds up logging in.

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