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Detect admin login


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Is there any builtin session created automatically when admin logged in ?

Currently i do this way to detect admin login or not;
- Install core module Session Handler Database, i can see in database when admin login/logout
- Because i don't know whats API to use to to fetch above data, i'm using $db->query("select  .. from .. where")
- From query result above i can make if statement admin logged do this, else do that for any page, eg: prevent opening certain page if admin not login.

Anyone knows what API to use to handle that process ? thank you

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Thank you, what stupid i am ! ?


Yes, this one work ! thank you.

if ($user->isSuperuser()) {
	echo "do this";
} else {
	echo "do that";

Mean: if current user login has superuser role, do this.

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