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I have a lot of difficulties with getting a field value.
First I created a template, inside I created several fields
two fields are a dropdown select box So I have a value and a label for each line.

Then I want to get the field value in _init.php or in the template to display it. How can I get the value of a field for the page ? I need to understand the flow through which data goes.
Could someone help me ?

Thank you




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Why don't you use a pagefield?

It's as simple as using $page->fieldname (inside the template).

In _init.php, you would use $pages->get(123)->fieldname, where 123 is the id of the page your field lives in.

If you have multiple instead of single values, you would have to loop through them, but that's easy as well.

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Thank you Dragan,

I do that then i want to transform data to display in my template :


Here I have an array for each language. $page->cat displays an integer, I tested it. If I replace $page->cat with an integer to test, it works but with the expression as a key, it does not work.

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This article has helped me. It's still incomplete (commented at the end) but I think there is enough information to solve the issue.

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Thank you Rick, your tip helped me much. I used


Now it works 🙂

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