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Hi there,

after centuries of having done some webdesign as a leisure activity I am working on a project for a non-profit organisation - in my main profession I work as a LINUX administrator - I also have some experience in "content filling" with TYPO3 in a larger corporation, but sorry, no experience with PHP -so I was following the recommendations of germany's leading IT-magazine - ct' - which leaded to testing of kirby and processwire. Kirby seems to be on the step to the next major release, so that might be not a good moment.

I also tested some "one click" hoster solutions, didn't like all of them.

I think that PW is really a fantastic system, thank you so much Ryan and all the contributors!

Setting up processwire was basically no problem, that was quite easy. I liked Ryans tutorials , but to reach land, I was still looking ...

But when it is getting serious, at first I felt a bit stranded.

I tried setting up the precompiled bootstrap4 template, which is still only the alpha -version, and the out-of-the-box-appearance I didn't like.

Finally, I found the Uikit-based Regular site profile which includes a really nice blog and in-editing possibilities.

Now after playing around half a day I think I found my way to a solution - - -  my problem actually only is, where can I edit the header and the footer?

Again, thank you so much...

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consider your self lucky you have found processwire, you will find out the more you use processwire.

"no experience with PHP"

When you start to use Processwire you only need to know very basic php like: for each, include, etc.
The more you use Processwire the more you will learn php as you need automatically.

"where can I edit the header and the footer"

There is no header or footer included with Processwire.
Processwire is a decoupled system so you can use any html you want like your own hand coded header and footer html
or any html template you can find out there. A simple way to use a header and a footer with Processwire
would be using php include. But better would be to use for example the Processwire delayed output.


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28 minutes ago, jwkb said:

where can I edit the header and the footer?

Checkout _main.php

Uikit 3 Regular site profile uses markup regions 

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