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Edit Children in place and new Pages as Children

Noel Boss

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What I'm actually really looking for is a way to edit and add children of a page in a similar way as RepeaterMatrix fields:

Easy to add new ones and easy to move, hide and modify inline:



I have a problem and am so close to a solution, but everything i've found so far only gets me about 95% and before I create something on my own want to ask is anyone knows a soltion or if I miss something.

My simple requirement: Editing Children and creating new ones inside the current parent page context – eighter inline or in a Lightbox.


Not working Option A:

With page relation fields I can create new pages – but it requires me to select a fixed parent. If I don't provide a parent, no new link is present.


Not working Option B:

With the awesome AdminPageFieldEditLinks Module I can create new Pages directly without the need to provide a parant beforehand – but then I need to select it at runtime.


There is a new link now – the link is: parent_id=0&template_id=51&modal=1 … if it only provided the correct parent_id!!!


But now i have to select the parent:


Not working Option C :

That's what I do right now… Reordering the Child-Field to the first tab – but to maintain the context, I would need the edit and new button to open a lightbox instead of a page reload.


Possible solutions:

For A+B: If I could provide a selector as parent, this would solve my issue: "parent=page.id" or a checkbox "use parent page for new pages". Or I could use some hook?

For C : I could write my own javascript to open the links in a Lightbox.


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It's a fantastic module and I see its huge benefits for batch editing many children, when it's used in this context – But there are also some drawbacks for just using it as a intuitive interface to administrated some children:

– Adding new items is a multi stepp process: Add, add title, save, edit
– Backend interface is single language only (configurable using files that are not multi language)
– Columns are not configurable. I don't want to display technical infos like Template and Name to the editor at this place

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I haven't tried it inside the admin but FEEL may fit for your needs (see my sig). It doesn't have a feature to list children though. If there's a mod needed I can add that to the module, of course a PR is welcomed.

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I truly would love to have the repeatermatrix interface for children, that would be amazing. If I understand you correct @tpr, i could use feel in the backend, but then I would have to build my own input-field or use RuntimeMarkup.

Thats what I use currently, a page-table field with prefilled children:


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