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I have AdminThemeBoss 0.6.3

I like this design.

And find problem with announcement. They close main button. 

Another problem is the debug panel that now opens under the footer.

Perhaps these are problems of my configuration.




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I have found that the jquery date picker is by default set to a dark background with black text.

By adding these lines in the blue.less files (etc.)

@pw-datepicker-background: @theme-primary-color;
@theme-button-secondary-background: @theme-muted-background;

I am able to at least get the background to match the rest of the theme color variables but I have tried many things and cannot find the override that is keeping the text black.

In the forms.less I have changed the color of the various ui-state element to the @theme-text-color-inverse variable which should make the text white but it is not working.

Has anyone else had this problem or found a workaround yet?

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Another change I had to make - the Awesomplete flyout sets a z-index of 1 - but ui-button in this theme also sets this to 1 and the hover layer to 0.

I modified this in AdminThemeBoss/uikit/custom/theme/components/forms.less, line 122-135

    button.ui-button {
        position: relative;
        z-index: 0;

        &:hover {
            z-index: 0;
            box-shadow: 0 5px 15px @theme-primary-color-rgba;

            +.ui-button {
                z-index: 0;

Changing the z-index values from 1, 1, 0 to 0, 0, -1 - so they'd hide behind the awesomeplete.

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Yes, can the name of the module be changed to Admin Theme Boss? It’s confusing since Admin Theme UIKit is a dependency. Is this something @ryan has to change on his end? Both the title and URL need changed.

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