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Admin Theme Boss

A light and clear theme based on Uikit 3


  • Five unique color options
  • Beautifully redesigned login screens
  • Modern typography using Roboto Condensed
  • Extended breadcrumb with edit links
  • Extends AdminThemeUikit, so you can continue using all current and future AdminThemeUikit features
  • Option to activate theme for all users
  • Compatibility with AdminOnStreoids and other third party modules
Updated and Releases

There is a shiny new release page where you can subscribe to updates for new releases of AdminThemeBoss.

Color Variants:

ProcessWire Blue

alt text



Dark Black




Vibrant Blue

alt text


Happy Pink


Smooth Green *new with 0.6.1*

alt text



Requires a current ProcessWire version with AdminThemeUikit installed and activated.


  1. Make sure AdminThemeUikit is activated
  2. Go to “Modules > Site > Add New“
  3. Paste the Module Class Name “AdminThemeBoss“ into the field “Add Module From Directory“
  4. Click “Download And Install“
  5. On the overview, click “Download And Install“ again…
  6. On the following screen, click “Install Now“

alt text

Manual Installation

  1. Make sure the above requirements are met
  2. Download the theme files from GitHub or the ProcessWire Modules Repository.
  3. Copy all of the files for this module into /site/modules/AdminThemeBoss/
  4. Go to “Modules > Refresh” in your admin
  5. Click “Install“ on the “AdminThemeBoss“ Module
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@ryan I have published this theme on the modules repo with the class name AdminThemeUikit in the assumption, it would use my provided title (Admin Theme Boss) as url (and classname) – but now it's listed as https://modules.processwire.com/modules/admin-theme-uikit – what I did not intend. I fear this will lead to confusion, especialy when installing using the backend.

edit: Okay, I found out I am able to change the classname – but the url remains modules/admin-theme-uikit – which would probably be better if you or an admin could change it to modules/admin-theme-boss – Sorry for any inconvenience I might have caused.

This Question Remains: This theme is basically the same as your AdminThemeUikit with slight modifications of the config and of course updated CSS. I used the same classname but a different folder (AdminThemeBoss) on my system since I did not find a way to extend AdminThemeUikit to let existing modules (like AOS) keep using the hooks of AdminThemeUikit. I tried to extend AdminThemeUikit but then, the hooks would not have any effects. How could I use my own classname but still keep the modifications of AOS etc? Any suggestions on how to proceed with the classname? 


Edited by Noel Boss
Fixed classname
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Looks really nice!

Just wondering about the approach you've taken - if this module is about styling changes to the core AdminThemeUikit couldn't the module just add a CSS file containing the style overrides and not reproduce all the AdminThemeUikit files?

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10 hours ago, Robin S said:

just add a CSS file containing the style overrides and not reproduce all the AdminThemeUikit files

Thats not practical since the "overrides" would need to be at so many places. With Uikit you've got LESS where you inject your colors etc. at various places. You replace code, not just override it. Simple overrides would be much more complicated and and could potentially break on an updated base theme. Replacing the whole CSS makes sence. BUT, you're suggestion just triggered an idea: Publish it as a propper Module and replace the CSS of the AdminThemeUikit with a hook… This way, AdminThemeUikit would still be technically the Theme, but the CSS (and potentially JS) would be entierly replaced by the "Child" Theme. In this way, one would also not need to change Settings etc… Brilliant!

But I think, the required Method is not (yet) hookable… I guess it is hookable, since it's public…

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Released 0.2.0 + 0.2.1

  • Theme is now a module extending AdminThemeUikit by replacing the CSS
  • This simplifies the installation, simply download the module and install it
  • Added extended breadcrumb with edit links
  • Added option to activate the theme for all users
  • Updated look of checkboxes and radios – thanks @flydev for inspiration
  • Release 0.2.1; Styled login form
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Great work! I prefer the default uikit theme but just gave it a try and everything worked.

Here's a kickstartfile if you want to use PW Kickstart to try it out quickly using PW Kickstart:


 * Sample Kickstartfile
 * @author Bernhard Baumrock, baumrock.com
 * @version 1
 * This file returns a php array with settings for the kickstart installer.
 * The installer instance is available as $this
 * You can access all methods of the installer, eg $this->randomPassword();

$password = $this->randomPassword(16);

return [
   * url of the processwire installation zipfile
   * current master version: https://github.com/processwire/processwire/archive/master.zip
   * current dev version: https://github.com/processwire/processwire/archive/dev.zip
   * other versions: eg https://github.com/processwire/processwire/archive/3.0.34.zip
  'pw' =>'https://github.com/processwire/processwire/archive/dev.zip',
   * which site profile to use
   * ---
   * options are:
   *  - a pw profile name, eg 'site-blank'
   *  - a local zip folder in the site root, eg 'myprofile.zip'
   *  - an url to a zip file, eg 'https://raw.githubusercontent.com/.../myprofile.zip'
  'profile' => 'site-default',

   * installation settings
   * ---
   * here you can overwrite the default settings that are set in Kickstart.php
   * see the link below to toggle a list of all default settings
  'settings' => [
    'timezone' => 368, // vienna
    // 'dbName' => 'yourdbname',
    'dbUser' => 'root',
    'dbPass' => '', //$this->randomPassword(),
    //'admin_name' => 'admin',
    //'username' => 'admin',

    // random password set on top of this file
    //'userpass' => $password,
    //'userpass_confirm' => $password,

    //'dbTablesAction' => 'remove',
   * here you can set an array of options that is sent to the recipes
   * this makes it possible to define some kind of master recipes hosted on
   * gitlab and execute them with custom settings
  'recipesettings' => [
    'foo' => 'bar',

   * recipes that are executed after installation
   * those recipes will get downloaded to the /recipes folder and then executed in order of their filename
  'recipes' => [
    // downloads file to /recipes/sample-recipe.php and executes it
    // 'https://gitlab.com/baumrock/kickstart/raw/master/assets/sample-recipe.php',

    // sample callback as recipe
    function() {
      // $this->msg('Installing AOS...'); // demo
      $aos = $this->installModule('AdminOnSteroids', 'https://github.com/rolandtoth/AdminOnSteroids/archive/master.zip');
      $this->wire->modules->saveConfig($aos, [
        'enabled' => 1,
        'enabledSubmodules' => ['FieldAndTemplateEditLinks'],
      $tracy = $this->installModule('TracyDebugger', 'https://github.com/adrianbj/TracyDebugger/archive/master.zip');
      $this->wire->modules->saveConfig($tracy, [
        'superuserForceDevelopment' => 1,
        'editor' => 'vscode://file/%file:%line',
      $this->installModule('AdminThemeBoss', 'https://github.com/noelboss/AdminThemeBoss/archive/master.zip');



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@Noel Boss thanks for this module. Installed without a problem. Guess it's not yet in the modules directory? What I don't get is what is Extended Breadcrumbs for? The theme is almost 18 MB in size, seems a lot for a few css files? Just for fun, I took uikit.vibrant.css file and used it in AdminThemeDefault config options (Layout + interface, Advanced) and got the look and feel without using your module. Or I miss something?

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@matjazp The modules comes with all the source files required by the theme (less files etc) but what's actually included in the backend is only the uikit.variant.min.css file which is about 330k in size. It also needs some code to rewrite the css source file (the required method in AdminThemeUikit is not hookable) and a hook to extend the breadcrumb with edit links…



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  • 2 months later...

I really love your Theme but I don't know if it is right to use it because the Uikit version you use, is outdated. Right now there is a RC17 version. Also I think Ryan made some additions in the AdminThemeUikit, do you plan to be on par, if something changes or is added?

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Thanks @jmartsch – I am using the theme myself so I should keep it updated… Since the theme just replaces the CSS, this should normaly be no problem…

Just released 0.3.0 with uikit 3.0.0-rc.17 and a new way how CSS and the logo is injected (as actual theme config values for AdminThemeUikit instead of rewriting the html output)

I will release 0.3.1 soon with the latest AdminThemeUikit Changes incorporated (work in progress)

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Thx for the heads-up noel. I just tried your theme again and found this little bug:



On 7/5/2018 at 5:58 PM, Noel Boss said:
  • Three unique color options
  • Beautiful typografy using Roboto Condensed
  • Extended breadcrumb with edit links
  • Extends AdminThemeUikit, you can continue using all AdminThemeUikit features

Very nice!

Why are there three colors? Could you describe a bit how you created thos color variants? What is necessary to add a new custom color? Is everything replaced by hand in the css? Or is there some less/sass files? The reason why I'm asking is because it would be great to have the option to change some colors just by selecting one.

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It would be nice, if this theme would be selectable as an option on the user profile page instead of replacing the standard Uikit theme.

An option to use the normal unmodified AdminThemeUikit would also be good in my opinion.

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Hello Friends…

New Version 0.4.0 released. I try to answe a few questions.

On 10/9/2018 at 6:21 PM, bernhard said:

Could you explain that a little bit more detailed, please?

How the theme works:


The variations & Ryans work:

It uses the built in uikit feature to create themes. Theme variations can be defined in uikit/themes.json. In my case, I define 3(+1) themes: black, blue and vibrant blue.
These relate to "entry points" found under ./uikit/custom/antrypoint.less » like uikit/custom/pw.less or black.less or vibrant.less

Each one of these basically only defines the custom accent colors and include all other general variables and some overrides:

// uikit source
@import "../src/less/uikit.theme.less";

// main accent color:
// pw color
@theme-primary-color: #3584EA;
@theme-primary-color-rgba: rgba(53, 132, 234, 0.6);

// Original Theme
@import "../../AdminThemeUikit/pw/_import.less";

// AdminThemeBoss Custom Styles
@import "fonts/fonts.less";
@import "theme/main.less";

In the newest Version (0.4.0) I actually grab ryans code (uikit and other custom stuff) and include my own customizations (variables etc) after that, this should ensure that the theme stays as compatible as possible. Of yourse if ryan changes major stuff, this needs to be addressed sperately. The Main File is uikit/custom/theme/main.less

Ryans stuff can be found under ./AdminThemeUikit/ – it's a copy of the custom folder of his Module. There is a new ./upgrade-theme.sh that automates that stepp…

Compiling the css

Compiling is done using npm or yarn using webpack from the uikit folder. It's easy:

$ cd uikit
# grab node modules:
$ yarn
# compile
$ yarn compile-less
# or for development:
$ yarn watch

Injecting the css:

Before 0.3.0 I search and replaced Ryans CSS in the html using a hook. Since 0.3.0 i only set parameters of AdminThemeUikit:

cssURL and logoURL


So no messing arround with unstable HTML…

Why not an actual Theme?

On 10/10/2018 at 9:22 PM, jmartsch said:

It would be nice, if this theme would be selectable as an option on the user profile page instead of replacing the standard Uikit theme.

Tldr; For compatibility & flexibility reasons

Longer Version: Because if I make AdminThemeBoss an actual standalone theme, I lose compatibility with Ryans AdminThemeUikit … By only working on top of his theme,  all new features he includes will still (and instantly) be working with AdminThemeBoss without an upgrade because my theme is mostly only css. Also, I can not hook into his functions for example to extend the breadcrumb if I build my theme as a standalone theme.

Why these color variations?

On 10/9/2018 at 6:19 PM, bernhard said:

Why are there three colors?

Now there are 4 ?

» Black: Because I our basic Corporate Design is mostly black and white
» Processwire Blue: Because obvious I it would be cool to retain some relation to PW CD
» Bright Blue: To have something fresh and because I like it ?
» And a new Happy Pink version because of C43H66N12O12S

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Great, thx for the heads-up!

So that means it would be very easy to improve your module to use the default theme (by ryan) and adjust some variables via inputfields. These Inputfields could - in the easiest implementation - be regular text fields (one field for each adjustable less variable). Or it could be a textarea field where we can copy something like this:

@theme-primary-color: #3584EA;
@theme-primary-color-rgba: rgba(53, 132, 234, 0.6);

Just include a php less parser: https://github.com/oyejorge/less.php

$parser = new Less_Parser();
$parser->parseFile( '/var/www/mysite/ryansbasictheme.less' );
$parser->parse( '@theme-primary-color: #3584EA; @theme-primary-color-rgba: rgba(53, 132, 234, 0.6);' );
// the line above would take the inputfield values, it's just to show how easy it is to parse the less with custom php variables
$css = $parser->getCss();

Then we'd only have to tell the regular theme to take this new CSS as stylesheet. Maybe you could define this as option (color1, color2, color3, custom less).

And it would be easy to customize the admin for everybody very easily and fast - and without any source compilation. Ah, of course the creation of the CSS would have to be done once when changing values. It would be totally imperformant on every page load. 


50 minutes ago, Noel Boss said:

And a new Happy Pink version because of C43H66N12O12S2

If I understand that correctly: Congrats! ? ??

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On 10/9/2018 at 6:19 PM, bernhard said:

The reason why I'm asking is because it would be great to have the option to change some colors just by selecting one.

I agree that would be awesome. I thought about this as well but didn't force it because I'm not sure if this would work since the current process of compiling goes trough npm/yarn > webpack – there's probably a lot of magic going on there…


1 hour ago, bernhard said:

If I understand that correctly: Congrats! ? ??

Nothing special happened right now, but it's still a great hormone ? 


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2 hours ago, bernhard said:

Doesn't sound like you are eager to try it out? ?

Would love to, but it's not a priority for me right now and I don't have time. But since I documented how it works, I'm open to implement it if someone finds a way…

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