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FormBuilder bug/upgrade Question

Crawford Tait

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We purchased FormBuilder a few years ago but a bug has only recently come to light where 2 document upload fields don't render properly in the admin email, so they are not linked properly for download, and this is used heavily. 

The site was developed a few years back and runs Processwire 2.4.0, FormBuilder is 0.2.4. I was going to buy a new formbuilder licence but I note that it requires ProcessWire 2.7.0 or newer

So, I'm looking for some advice - should I upgrade the whole site so I can get a formbuilder update, and is that likely to cause issues with API changes etc? Or does anyone know of a fix for this issue?

Thanks in advance!

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ProcessWire 2.4.0 is a pretty old version at this point, so if this is a site you are still involved with development on, it'd be worthwhile to update it, regardless of FormBuilder. You'd want to upgrade it to 2.7.3, and that would be a fine version to keep it with, if you'd like. For some of the older 2.x sites that I rarely work on, I keep them running on 2.7.3. You could also update it to the 3.x version, but that would be a more major update, and you might not necessarily need it for an older site. But you'd want to update to 2.7.3 first, either way. The upgrade instructions for going from 2.4 to 2.7 are here. As always, it's a good idea to test a major update in a development environment before applying to the production site... especially in this case where you'll be jumping 3 major versions (2.4 to 2.7). However, chances are, it'll be a smooth upgrade. 

Another possibility—I'm not positive that the current version of FormBuilder won't work with 2.4. Just that 2.7.3 is currently the minimum version that I'm testing with. You could always try it and see. But I kind of think upgrading to 2.7.3 is a good idea regardless of what you need to do with FormBuilder. 

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