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Installing LanguageSupport module via API


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Hey there,

I am trying to install the LanguageSupport module via $modules->install('LanguageSupport') but it won't work.

Next time I log in, there's this error:

Failed module dependency: ProcessLanguage requires LanguageSupport +1
Failed module dependency: ProcessLanguageTranslator requires LanguageSupport

Seems like the "languages" page, the templates and fields are all there, but somehow the Process couldn't be installed.
This is the only core module I'm having problem with, if I try to install it via core functions and not the backend.

Any hints?

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Try to install ProcessLanguage and ProcessLanguageTranslator first, one by one, and then LanguageSupport? (Just an idea - some processes / modules have dependencies. Could be that these won't be triggered if you only try to install the main module via API)

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