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Can I Create some GROUPS of users?

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I must choose if create groups of users by buddypress of wordpress, or by login system of processwire.

In my project, each users group exist for send an emal in post for each new comment.

I see that in processwire, in comment area we can subscribe the discuss.

So,  I would like to know if exist a simple way to create a list of own groups in each profile member.

I hope I explain my problem!

Peraphs, is better and faster to use buddypress, right?

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You can create roles in ProcessWire. For example GuestsA, GuestsB, GuestsC and easily get 'em via Api.

// Get them
$usersA = $users->find("roles=GuestA");

// Check them


Also you can create custom fields inside the user-"pages".
So you could create a selectfield which you can set with a hook after registration.



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