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CKEditor Styles dropdown tips


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A few usability tweaks and tips for the CKEditor "Styles" dropdown, which is by default not that user-friendly:


As you can see it's small and if you add custom items to it they may look awkward as they may inherit styles from their targets (a 3rem bottom margin in the screenshot above).

These are relatively easy to fix but you have to load your custom CSS files to two places (eg. with AdminOnSteroids): PW admin and CKEditor.

After loading the CSS/Js assets (see code below) the dropdown looks nicer and more usable:


The screencap contains other features that you can achieve with the snippets below.


CSS - CKEditor (contains demo styles too)


/* Styles to load in CKEditor */

.cke_panel_grouptitle {
  position: sticky;
  top: 0;
  z-index: 99;

html.cke_panel_container {
  scroll-behavior: auto;

html.cke_panel_container .cke_panel_listItem > a * {
    margin: 0 !important;
    font-size: 0.97rem !important;

p.no-space-after {
  margin-bottom: 0 !important;

p.small-space-after {
  margin-bottom: 0.5rem !important;

p.large-space-after {
  margin-bottom: 3rem !important;

[data-list-style] li {
  margin-bottom: 0.5rem;

[data-list-style="decimal-leading-zero"] {
  list-style-type: decimal-leading-zero;

[data-list-style="upper-roman"] {
  list-style-type: upper-roman;

[data-list-style="checkmark"] {
  color: inherit;
  list-style: none;
  padding-left: 1.25rem;

[data-list-style="checkmark"] li {
  position: relative;

[data-list-style="checkmark"] li::before {
  content: '\2714';
  position: absolute;
  left: -1.1rem;


CSS - admin


/* /site/templates/styles/admin.css */

.cke_combopanel {
    width: auto !important;
    max-width: 600px !important;
    height: 400px !important;

.cke_combo__styles > a > .cke_combo_text {
    width: auto !important;
    max-width: 240px !important;


JavaScript - CKEditor custom styles


// /site/templates/scripts/cke.js

var myStyles = [

    {name: 'Heading 1', element: 'h1'},
    {name: 'Heading 2', element: 'h2'},
    {name: 'Heading 3', element: 'h3'},
    {name: '2 column', element: 'div', attributes: {'class': 'col2'}},

    {name: 'Button', element: 'a', attributes: {'class': 'button'}},
    {name: 'Button-outline', element: 'a', attributes: {'class': 'button-outline'}},

    // empty class prevents highlighting other "p" elements
    {name: 'Paragraph', element: 'p', attributes: {'class': ''}},
    {name: 'Paragraph: no space after', element: 'p', attributes: {'class': 'no-space-after'}},
    {name: 'Paragraph: small space after', element: 'p', attributes: {'class': 'small-space-after'}},
    {name: 'Paragraph: large space after', element: 'p', attributes: {'class': 'large-space-after'}},

    // OBJECT STYLES - visible only if the cursor is inside the corresponding element type in the editor
    {name: 'List: upper-roman', element: 'ol', attributes: {'data-list-style': 'upper-roman'}},
    {name: 'List: decimal leading zero', element: 'ol', attributes: {'data-list-style': 'decimal-leading-zero'}},
    {name: 'List: checkmark', element: 'ul', attributes: {'data-list-style': 'checkmark'}}

// add inline font-size from 12px to 48px
for(var i = 12; i <= 48; i++) {
    myStyles.push({name: 'text ' + i, element: 'span', attributes: {'style': 'font-size: ' + i + 'px;'}});

CKEDITOR.stylesSet.add('mystyles', myStyles);


P.s. in case you wonder whether the half-margin, no-margin stuff and font-sizes from 12px to 48px were real-life examples - yes, client request ? 

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