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1054 Unknown column field_fieldname.filedata in field list

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I just encountered a weird problem with an installation.

I have some sort of a poor man's mediapool, which consists of a template with fields of type files(and a second with images)  to upload PDFs and images which will be linked to from other pages. This worked well for the last months.

This morning an editor called me and sent me this screenshot:


All files were gone in the backend but still accessable in the frontend and present in /assets/files/

True, there were no columns in the database table named filedata for the fields mediendateien and medienbilder:


I created them manually and the files were back again and the error messages gone.

But what happened?

What is filedata used for? It is of type mediumtext.(I checked other image and file fields) All the other image fields didn't show the missing column. Only those two...
I did an update from PW 3.0.62 to 3.0.98 last week.
Edit: Just discovered that filedata is used for focus information:


I kinda fixed it for now, but it makes me nervous...
Anyone an idea?

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added filedata info
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What happens if you go to the field and go to actions then Check field data? 


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Ah, good idea. For now it report "No issues found" but then again I added the columns manually.

I will it check on a cloned site.

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I just updated a local copy of the site from 3.0.62 to 3.0.98 and the field mediendateien(files) and medienbilder(images) are missing the column filedata afterwards.
Other image or file fields are fine.

During update I hit F5 a few times, refreshed modules and saw that the fields file and image updated.

Then I hit "Check field data" of the fields with missing column filedata and I got an "All okay" 
But the column filedata is missing!

To sum up, there are 5 image fields:
image1 = updated (has data)
image2 = updated (has data)
image3 = not updated (but has no data in DB)
medienbilder = not updated (has data)
pageimages = updated (has data)

2 file fields
dateien = updated
mediendateien = not updated

There has to be raeson why some fields won't update...

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I have this same error after updating to the latest version of PW:


 SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'field_headshot.filedata' in 'field list'

I haven't explored further yet, working on other things, will get to this eventually. Any news what causes this?

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I have had this too, today: 


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