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Reference: PW 3.0.62 and uikit3 based site using the Regular-Master profile.

I have a multi-site running where I now need to start adding users. All my searches have drawn a blank regarding how to setup users with restricted permissions.

In the first instance I would like to be able to give a potential site admin access to the backend with sufficient permissions so that s/he may be able to navigate round the backend to familiarise herself/himself with the interface without actually submitting edits, making deletions, changing templates, etc. Is it actually possible to do this? If so, could anyone give me an idea how I go about implementing this?

What I tried initially was to give View and Page Edit permissions to the guest admin user but when I logged in as that user all that user is able to do is effectively view the website. When I ran a search for any modules that might help the returned hits all appeared to relate to old incompatible modules.

An alternative solution I thought of would be to setup a duplicate of the live website that I could allow guest users to go in with full privileges, but I'm not really sure how it wold be best to go about that. I can see that I am rapidly needing to move from a simple multi-site setup to a demo / dev / staging / production setup for this group of sites.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

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