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PHP Tools for Visual Studio does not recognize processwire

Marcel Stäheli

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We recently got the Visual Studio 2017 plugin PHP Tools for Visual Studio by Devense for php development.

Unfortunately the plugin does not recognize processwire. I imported all website files into the PHP-Project so there is no file missing. But files are not being prepended, variables like $page are undefined. The plugin works fine with regular PHP code.

I'm not sure where the error lies. Do I have to configure PW specifically or are the two simply incompatible?

Has anybody experience with this plugin?

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I found a solution.

In case someone else has this problem in the future: One has to explicitly use an apache server for it to work. Processwire requires "mod_rewrite" which is not present in php build-in and it seems neither it is with IIS-express. So in the "project settings->server" choose "custom" as server and enter the project url.

I used xampp to run the apache server and mysql database. Make sure xdebug is installed in the php-installation of xampp.

Now php tools reads all PW variables and functions properly, no need for page() (still good to know that it exists).

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