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I have an issue when I try to save a profile page from a non-superuser. The server gets stuck and returns a 

Allowed memory size of X bytes exhausted

It is pointing to a line in a file, usually WireHooks.php, but I couldn't get anything more out of Tracy nor Processwire's logs so I started to put some echos here and there in the runHooks() function.

Apparently what is happening is that a "viewable" method gets called in loop through hooks. It seems to be related to a PagePermissions object as seen in the attached screenshot (here's a gist with the echos in the runHooks() function : but I don't really know what to do from here. I tried to check the "user" template's view and edit access but it doesn't have any effects.

In my setup I created some modules that add hooks but nothing related to this. Just in case I tried to uninstall them but it didn't have any effects as well. Is it possible that hooks are persistent ? Is it possible to remove all custom hooks ?

Yeah... I am pretty lost here.

Last step would be to do a clean install, install my modules, and see how that goes.

Thanks in advance.

Capture d’écran 2018-06-13 à 14.07.11.png

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