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After using PW profile exporter, front-end has errors


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I used the new module profile exporter. I love the idea!

I followed the instructions correctly and detailed. I used processwire 2.1 to design and link the front end with the back end. All this was done with MAMP, it worked perfectly. So once I put it in the hosting I had to install processwire 2.2 as the instructions say. After this I just viewed it online and some things did not work visually. Some mistakes may be because of the hosting server, and other issues I dont know, and thats why I ask as maybe somebody had the same issue. These are some problems:

1. Random background image "home": I have a random image which is covering the whole home background. I'm using a javascript which selects an image from an array randomly. These images have the url assigned correctly as it works in my MAMP server with processwire. I do not know why this javascript wouldnt work.

2. PHP form: I have a php form which has its own url also. It gave me problems as I discovered it only works if its out of the folder of templates. Now it just does not work...

3. Extremely slow: I dont know if this is processwire, but maybe you can help me to know what could I do to solve this.

4. Shockwave crashes: I use soundcloud for the songs which are uploaded. So the widget is created with flash. I dont understand why it would crash, it only crashes when its online and not in the MAMP server.

If you need to see the source and it helps this is the website at this moment: http://www.fem-k.com/

Thank you very much everybody, without you this wouldn't be possible!


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Couple of things -

1.) I always just upload the whole site from my local install, install the DB, change the mySQL info in the site/config, and it always works great; this would mean you could avoid having to run the exporter, and then the PW installer...might save some steps;

2.) You site has some big issues; I would suggest to install the firefox web developer tools and look at the console; most of the problems you are having are related to soundcloud and a calendar script, but once you see the console output you'll know, because there are a LOT of errors, like these:

[17:55:57.800] ReferenceError: Validator is not defined @ http://www.fem-k.com/_php/_php/_php/_php/calendar/calendar_form.php?objname=date3&selected_day=0&selected_month=0&selected_year=0&year_start=2012&year_end=2022&dp=1&da1=1346299200&da2=1661918400&sna=1&aut=&frm=&tar=&inp=&fmt=j%20F%20Y&dis=&pr1=&pr2=&prv=&pth=../_php/calendar/&spd=[[],[],[]]&spt=0&och=&str=0&rtl=&wks=∫=1&hid=1&hdt=1000:274

[17:55:58.945] GET http://www.fem-k.com/_php/_php/_php/_php/_php/calendar/images/iconCalendar.png [HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found 1068ms]
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no, i think you should stick with what you have, my first comment was more of a general recommendation for future reference.. I just think you have some things messed up in your template files, i could even see it viewing the source; i don't think uploading your local install files will necessarily fix this;

really you need to look at the firefox web console and see the very many redirects coming from soundcloud, and 404 file not found errors; that should give you some clues of where to start fixing; at this point i would just go forward and finish developing the site on the server.

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Offcourse I agree with you, but I would rather test it on a staging part like staging.website.com than on an actual livesite. If you get those kinds of errors you should revert back to what you got. I wouldn't recommend anyone to perform those kinds of tests on the actual url itself. It's like debugging and the whole world could watch you.

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i agree to would move everything into a subdomain, or at the very least block robots with a robots.txt file, while you are working on fixing those things; and also in future it is a good habit as arjen says to first test the site in a subdomain when migrating from a local version to a live server...

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