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migrating to mediatemple dv servers

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MT has kind of an unusual setup, but i use them for some of my own sites so have used them regularly. Are you running one of the latest commits? I fixed some MT related issues recently. Though I've not used an MT dedicated machine before (just grid servers).  I'll try another fresh install on my MT acct when I get the computer this am because I've not tested last weeks commit on MT... Though doubt that's it.

Also, is this moving from a grid server to a dedicated? Or from a local dev server to MT?

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Thanks for posting. What dir did you apply those permissions to? Technically, you should only need apache's group rwx permissions on on /site/assets/ (and everything in it) but nowhere else. It's actually preferable not to have anything else writable, from a security standpoint. But if this is a dedicated server or vps, your risks are fewer.

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