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Is alphabetized pagination possible?


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I have a list of businesses that I need to paginate alphabetically, so that there's a menu on the page like:

[show All] A B C D E F ...

Can anyone recommend a way to do this using the PW API? Thanks!

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I guess you would adjust a function like that to generate your menu so that is outputs links like

<a href="/businesses/A/">A</a>
<a href="/businesses/B/">B</a>

Then you could use url segments and something like


Anyways, just thinking out loud here. Curious as to see what more seasoned pro's think.

That function Mats linked to is efficient, even when you've got a lot of children?

In MySQL you would do something like:

SELECT DISTINCT LEFT(title, 1) as letter FROM mydatabase ORDER BY letter
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I've done this before and used the method SiNNuT mentioned. Made the navigation with something like this:

for($n = ord('A'); $n <= ord('Z'); $n++) {
 $letter = chr($n);
 echo "<a href='{$page->url}$letter/'>$letter</a> ";

Then pulled the items matching the letter from the URL segment like this (just like SiNNuT):

$letter = strtoupper(substr($input->urlSegment1, 0, 1));
if($letter >= 'A' && $letter <= 'Z') {
 $items = $page->children("title^=$letter");
 echo "<h2>Letter: $letter</h2>";
 if(count($items)) echo $items->render();
   else echo "<p>No items found</p>";
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