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exclude pages in trash from queries


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Hi all

would need to exclude children of the trash to appear in queries. Tried it with 


where parent id is the trash. Does not work with find nor get.

Your help is much appreciated.

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The ID of trash is 7, not 49. Depending on your need, you could do:

$untrashedPages = $pages->find("template=some-template, status<" . Page::statusTrash);
//$untrashedPages = $pages->find("template=some-template, has_parent!=7");
//$untrashedPages = $pages->find("template=some-template, has_parent!=" . $config->trashPageID);

FYI, statusTrash = 8192

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I am surprised you are seeing trashed pages returned in a find call in the first place. Are you using "include=all" in the selector as well - I think that is the only way it will return trashed items.

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Hi adrian

sorry for the late reply. Well the problem was not directly that the page itself was listet. We output information from the page, if not there we check in the pages parent field for the content. The problem was, even though the page was in the trash, the values where still taken from that page, and not from the new, actually copy of that page. As soon as the trash was emptied, the problem was solved. Excluded the the trash now from the query, so hopefully we won't have that kind of occurrence again.

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