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Frontend Editor - Bug. Where to report?


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I have installed the latest version of processwire, but for some reason, the Page Frontend Editor is now throwing an error.

<edit page="<?=$page->id?>" fields="title,body">test modal</edit>

So every time I initialize modal window

1) Jquery error appears in console (see attached screenshot)

2) data-autoclose does not close the modal

3) The ajax preloader does not disappea when the modal is opened

4) When edited in modal, the fields are not updated without reloading the page (should they?)

I am pretty sure this comes from processwire itself rather than the module.

Has anyone come across this? Has anyone reported it? Where should I report it, if not?


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9 minutes ago, theo said:

Looks like a JQuery issue. A conflict with other parts of JS?

What is "latest version"? 3.0.98 or 3.0.104 or2.8.62 ?

Issue reports go here https://github.com/processwire/processwire-issues/issues

But you should probably wait for some more opinions, it might be as well a problem at your side.

It's a clean install, so don't think that this is something local.

The browser is Firefox.

Asked my colleague to do clean install and test in Safari, also got an error (also Type error, but with a different stack). Also autoclose and ajax preloader problems on his computer.

Jquery Core module is 1.8.3 and jquery itself is 1.11.1. Did not change anything after performing install.

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On 5/31/2018 at 5:25 PM, matjazp said:

Screenshot from Chrome. You'll most likely find js script that fails for some reason.



Screenshot 2018-05-31 16.21.53_cr.jpg

Found quite a few bugs in modal.js, reported them under the same issue.

Thanks for your help by the way! Your quick fix worked. @matjazp

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