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Frontend editor - reload on save


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Thanks for the awesome front-end editor! Real difference maker when it comes to picking CMS.

However, there is one tiny drawback, which the client has brought up. When I am editing multiple fields in a modal, it would be awesome that on save it would close and also reload the page (so I could actually see the changes).

However, simply reloading location when the form is saved like that

        // click action to save edits
        $('.pw-edit-save').click(function () {
            setTimeout(function () {
            }, 250);

not only leaves the modal open, but also does not update the fields initially.

Any advice?

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For now I've added location reload to

    function modalInitEditableRegions() {

        var regions = $('.pw-edit-modal');
        if (!regions.length)

        $(document).on('pw-modal-closed', function (e, eventData) {
            if (eventData.abort)
                return; // modal.js populates 'abort' if "x" button was clicked
            var target = $(e.target);
            if (!target.is('.pw-edit-modal'))
            var targetID = target.attr('id');
            var viewURL = $('#pw-url').val();
            viewURL += (viewURL.indexOf('?') > -1 ? '&' : '?') + 'pw_edit_fields=' + target.attr('data-fields');

            target.load(viewURL + ' #' + targetID, {}, function () {
                var t = $(this);
                var children = t.children();
                if (children.length) {
                    var html = t.children().html();

but is there a good way to reload on actual save?

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