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Newsletter with wireMailSMTP, array problem with multiple emails


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I'm working on a newsletter solution with WireMailSMTP and this Newsletter Tutorial.
I only changed the lines 73 to 83 in newsletter.php, but there's a strange issue with the $subscribers array:

    $testMode = isset($_POST['test_email']) ? true : false;
    if ($testMode) {
        $subscribers = wire('input')->post('test_email');
        if (strpos($subscribers, ',') !== false) {
            $subscribers = explode(',', $subscribers);
    } else {
        $subscribers = $pages->find('template=subscriber');
        $subscribers = $subscribers->explode('email');
	if (is_array($subscribers)) {
        $subscribers = array_map('trim', $subscribers);
	$mail = wireMail();

	$numSent = $mail->send();
    echo json_encode(count($subscribers));
The email is sent to test@domain.de but not to bcc $subscribers.
Errorlog: PHP Notice: Unknown: Invalid mailbox list: <> (errflg=3) in Unknown on line 0

I'm grateful for any advice.


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