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Pointing all assets to a subdomain


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Hi All, I am wondering if anyone has a solution to my problem.

I have a website that I have at a DomainA.com, but I am wanting all templates/static assets (such as images uploaded by the user, PW, etc) to be assets.domaina.com

Is this possible? From what I've read in the forums - you need to use some special htaccess code, but the posts are from a few years ago.

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What's your reason for wanting to do this?  The solution will depend on your desired outcome:

  • You want the assets to be virtually served from a subdomain (files on the same server).  You could accomplish this with a symlink, i.e. creating a virtual host entry and path for your subdomain, and placing a symlink to the your_primary_domain/site/assets/files/ there.
  • You want the assets to be served from a subdomain on a different server.  Not sure how this would be accomplished.  If the ProCache module's CDN integration is any indication, I'm guessing you'd need to find a way to reliably mirror the file structure of /site/assets/files/ on the subdomain's server, and modify all your asset URL requests in the templates to point to that subdomain.

As a side note, I wouldn't categorize PHP templates as assets, since they're processed server-side and not URL-accessible, unless you meant something else.

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