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Pages Below Home Suddenly Invisble in Admin?


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Hey Everyone...

Very weird issue. Using PW 3.0.98. In a couple of my sites, after adding some pages, suddenly all pages below the "Home" page in the admin page tree become invisible.

The pages still exist, since they show up on the public display, and I can see the number of pages shown to the right of "Home" in the page tree. But the pages are not accessible from the back end.

Does anyone know why this would happen?



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Hello Matthew,

the same things happened to me few times on PW 3.0.xx, this is not some help, only few facts what I noticed.
I rember that I had some errors in session logs (did not investigate).
What works in my case was to use shortcut to edit pages from front-end ("go to back-end from front-end" and admin page tree problem disappear).
Also you can try, logout, CTRL+F5 (clear browser cache), and login again.

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Thanks wbmnfktr and OLSA for your quick responses!

No JS errors, and this is a remote server. No messages in the error log.

However, this is a "temporary" domain running with an address like this:


Both times this happened, it was with installs being run that way. When I moved the installs to a sub-directory of a "real" domain, the problem went away.

I'd be curious to know if anyone else is experiencing this.


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