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Can't delete page


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Hey guys,

I have a simple child page from home that i can not delete or move. I'm logged in as Admin and everything else works fine, but the Edit menu lacks the delete tab. Changing the template or content works fine. I use Processwire 3. Can someone help me with this?

Thank you


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Hi Manuel,

Are you having this issue only with this page ? What about the other pages, does the delete tab show up normally there ? If you create another test page, does the delete tab show up then normally ?  I have never seen a setting to hide a tab for a user group, you would need a module for this.


For the moment you can use this simple api delete code to remove that contact page and then after recreate that page and see if the delete tab is there again:

$thispage = $pages->get('/contact/');


// or 



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