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backend diferent repeater color?

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is it possible to change the color for each of the repeater in backend? I have two stacked repeaters and it is sometimes hard to find the right item to edit. So I would like to have the parent repeater in default green (Reno) and child repeater maybe some other color.

Thank you


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In AdminThemeUikit (might be dev branch only at the moment) you can choose from a few colour options for inputfields:


But it would be more flexible to use your browser dev tools to inspect the markup in Page Edit, find what class is unique to the inputfield you want to change, then use AdminOnSteroids or AdminCustomFiles to add a custom CSS file to change the background colour.

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To give you another option:

I almost always use Reno and add an admin stylesheet to it via a hook in init.php

$this->addHookAfter('ProcessController::execute', function (HookEvent $event) {

and CSS to style stuff like Repeater:

.Inputfields .Inputfield_auswahl404.InputfieldRepeater>.InputfieldContent .InputfieldRepeaterItem>.InputfieldHeader,
.Inputfields .Inputfield_auswahl404.InputfieldRepeater>.InputfieldContent .InputfieldRepeaterItem>.InputfieldHeader span {background:#59261E;}
.Inputfields .Inputfield_auswahl404.InputfieldRepeater>.InputfieldContent .InputfieldRepeaterItem>.InputfieldHeader:hover,
.Inputfields .Inputfield_auswahl404.InputfieldRepeater>.InputfieldContent .InputfieldRepeaterItem>.InputfieldHeader:hover span {background:#F5B92C;}

where .Inputfield_auswahl404 your fieldname is.

Like Robin S said, inspect with your DEV tools..

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