What is wire-temp-dir.txt?

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I noticed the file /site/assets/logs/wire-temp-dir.txt. What is it used for? I upgraded some modules and PW versions so I'm not sure when it was created. I noticed just a few lines in there

2018-05-16 04:57:14    admin    https://mysite/processwire/module/download/    Unable to remove:

This logline is written in the /wire/core/WireTempDir.php in the removeExpiredDirs() method, called from remove() method. I'm just curious why it says Unable to remove: without specifying what? WireTempDir class is used in several places in the core and don't know how to debug this?

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I don't know either, sorry. But you could install + activate Tracy Debugger. Maybe next time these remove() methods are triggered, TD will reveal more infos. (just a guess - you have to enable TD also in the backend, of course)

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There's a mixup of variables in the log output in removeExpiredDirs, namely $path and $pathname in lines 278 and 291 that got switched around.

The empty value is output because there's no subdirectory to delete in the temp dir so $pathname never gets a value. Otherwise, the path of the last subdirectory in the loop would be (wrongly) logged.

I have opened an issue.

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