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301 Redirect for curl (and facebook crawler)


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Hello girls and guys,

i was trying to figure out why facebook was not reading the og tags on my page and i saw i get a 301 redirect if i curl my website (and also for facebook crawler) but i'm able to see the page correctly via browser.

The website in on https. There was a redirect from http to https but i disabled it for now. I checked the .htaccess and i commented all the 301 redirect lines, still i get the 301 redirect.

I'm trying to understand where the redirect is happening. Is there any file i should check other than .htaccess?


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If you set trailing slash to "NO" but facebook requests the page via trailing slash that would lead to a 301, so you need to try both settings. You could also try a browser extension (mine is called redirect path) to see if you have any unwanted redirects on that page.

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