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Compare password to post value


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I've searched for a while but with no results and I am anxious to get this done.

I want to create a user password change script that changes the password to do this the user needs to fill in her/his old password. No problem but since PW does hash all passwords i cant just compare a hashed to a plain text password now can I.

So I looked throught the wire folder and I couldn't really find something.

How can I hash the password so I can compare it?

Many thanks!

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Not a real answer. But if a user knows his login/password, let him log-in, after that he can reset the password to what ever he wants. So no need to know the password.

Problem is that that isn't really secure. If I would use a computer with an account still logged in and I could just change the password like that the actual owned of that account wouldn't be happy.

That's the reason why many of the sites out there ask you for your old password before you can change it.

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