Including e-commerce features

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We have included below e-commerce features to process wire

  • Product display
  • shopping cart with paypal integration

We are using paypal IPN. So in order to store the transaction details returned by paypal (like 1. Order head- transaction id, date and gross amount 2).Order detail - item id, quantity and amount, please suggest on the below

Whether we need to create

  • a new page for each order head with needed fields
  • new subpages for each order details items with needed fields

or is there any other correct way of doing this


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I had something similar but changed quickly to PayPalˋs Rest API. You can create subpages on the order pages, or use the repeater field. If you just want to store for technical reasons and „maybe we need to look at“ you can use PW log system and just log the response. 

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I personally would always create pages instead of repeater items.

Pages can become almost everything later on as repeaters are more or less part of a page and a little more difficult to handle.

A while back I created something to manage course bookings. Every booking ended as a single page in the backend. From there on the client was able to generate confirmation-, contract- and invoice-PDFs. Doing that with repeaters in a page might work in some kind but will end in way more work/hassle.

Creating log entries is always a good idea as well. Kind of fallback.

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